What is your Plan B?

If you’ve ever read up on the Law of Attraction and other principles relating to attracting what you want, you will understand that in order to manifest what you desire, you must believe without any doubt, that you will achieve your goal, in order to actually achieve it.

On the other hand, you can pretty much guarantee that you will experience failure if you don’t believe you will achieve your goal.

This is true and is something I’ve seen time and time again. But there’s another factor that comes into play here, that many people overlook.

And that is “detachment”.

Detachment is when you believe you will achieve your goal – but your life and happiness does not depend on it.

You’ll be ok whether you achieve it or not.

Trying to become detached is hard though!

Do you ever remember being so caught up in your desire, that the thought of it being ok to not have it is just not an option??

Several years ago when I was still with my former husband, we decided we wanted to buy a house. I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, and at the time we were living in a rented house that was freezing in the winter, and like a sauna in the summer – it was awful! And not a good place for a pregnant woman to be!

So that was the driver in our desire to buy a house of our own – with air conditioning and heating!

So we started on our search and eventually found the house of our dreams! I then started looking for a home loan and eventually found the perfect loan for us.

We applied, and we were told that upon initial review it was looking really good. Yay! We were EXCITED!

And that’s when things turned bad.

All of a sudden the bank was finding “issues” with our application, there were more hoops we had to jump through, and it seemed that they were just making things difficult for us, just for the hell of it! I was very stressed and upset by this but chose to do what the bank wanted, jumping through hoop after hoop (not a good look when you’re pregnant! haha!), but one day I finally snapped.

I decided that I would rather NOT have the house if I had to put up with any more of this rubbish! In fact, I even started looking at other rental properties and had noted down a couple for us to look at the following weekend.

So I was now at a point where I would be happy if we had the loan approved, but I’d also be ok if we didn’t (even if the alternative wasn’t my preference) – I had a Plan B forming, and I was ok with Plan B!

Later that day, I received a telephone call to tell me that our loan had been approved. Hooray!

So as you can see, the moment I decided I would be ok despite the outcome, was when things went our way. Prior to that, I was totally attached to the outcome – I didn’t want to live in my rental house any longer, and I just wanted this loan approved like my life depended on it!

What happens when you’re so hung up on what you want is that you’re sending out a feeling of “lack”. It’s like you’re thinking (often without even realising it) that if you don’t receive what it is you want, your life will suck!

And we all know what happens if we think our life is going to suck, right??? That’s right – it’ll suck!

No matter what it is you want to achieve, have a Plan B in place that you are ok with.

This doesn’t mean you can’t 100% believe you can manifest what you desire. You just need to do what any astute entrepreneur would do when setting up a business; you will have contingency plans in place to allow you to deal with any unforseen events which may get in the way!

So what is it that you desire right now, and if for some reason you could not have that desire, what is your Plan B?


  1. Suppose you are not happy with plan B? The article mentioned to create a plan B that makes you happy. Right now half of my life is devoted to plan B and it was created out of necessity. And I am miserable. I want to get back to plan A and I am having a hard time.

  2. Hi MJ. Great question! And one I can hopefully answer in a way that will get you thinking about other options. Without knowing the details of your situation, I’ll just speak generally ok?

    My first question is: Do you only have TWO options (Plan A and Plan B)?

    What about Plan C, D, E or even F?

    if you can, now might be the time to sit down and brainstorm EVERY single option you have available.

    Also, what also helps is to work out what the positives of you NOT getting your Plan A are. You may be thinking “There are NO positives in not getting Plan A!” but if you look hard enough you will find one.

    For example, when I was thinking my house loan wouldn’t be approved I began to look for the positives. These included the fact that my rent would be cheaper than a mortgage, so my financial situation would be better, if I found somewhere to live and didn’t like it, I was free to move again at the end of my lease, and the house I wanted to buy was further away from work than the area I would have rented in, so less commuting time for me!

    Does this help at all?

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