What are your goals for 2014?

Happy new year everyone! I’ve been a bit out of whack with my posts lately but hope to get myself into a better routine in 2014.

So… who has started writing down their goals for 2014?

If you haven’t, you’re like me – and you need to start!

A good friend of mine who happens to be VERY successful, recently posted this on Facebook:

“Write your goals on paper, see them and smell them 24/7. Only when you do this will you be able to internalise them, make imprints of them on a cellular level and manifest them…”

Ok, so here’s briefly what we all have to do (because I’m yet to write mine down)…

  1. Get yourself a small card/piece of paper/notebook.
  2. In present tense, write down your goal… “I am so happy and grateful now that…..” and put a date on it, in the future.
  3. Look at that written goal every single day, several times a day.
  4. Say your goal in your mind, imagine how it would feel once you’ve achieved it.
  5. Be patient! Some things take a while to manifest!

So go find something to write on and get started! :)

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