The top 10 new year’s resolutions according to Amazon


One of my Facebook friends pointed me to a list which listed the top ten New Year’s resolutions, according to Amazon.

The list was as follows:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Get finances in order
  3. Go greener
  4. Curb vices (smoking, drinking, gambling etc)
  5. Get in shape
  6. Relax more
  7. Pursue a new career
  8. Upgrade your technology
  9. Organise and optimise (get things in order)
  10. Start a new hobby

I wonder how many people will actually follow through on these resolutions too. All of the items listed above look reasonable and achievable, but of course having a resolution and actually going ahead and taking action are two different things!

Now think about what the people who chose these items hope to achieve by doing what is on this list.

Losing weight will obviously help them to feel better about themselves, both physically and mentally, as will getting into shape and curbing many vices.

Getting the finances in order, pursuing a new career and starting a new hobby would probably give them a sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Whenever making goals or New Year’s resolutions it is important to think about the reason behind why you want to achieve that goal. What do you hope to gain?

Are any of your new year’s resolutions on this list?

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