Stay focused on the end result

Today being Monday, I really struggled to get out of bed this morning.

After a year of getting up whenever I pleased (more like when my daughter woke up!), I have found it really difficult to wake to an alarm clock when it is still dark outside over the last two and a bit weeks. YUK!

I dislike working for someone else, working hours dictated by the “powers that be”, however I am not spending a lot of time thinking about that.

Instead I am focusing on what I do want, which is to turn my web development and coaching business into a success. Success to me will be when my business is generating a stable, sustainable income for the long term so I can go back to working from home.

Spending energy on what I don’t want will only attract more of what I don’t want. One part of my coaching training course material said something really profound in relation to this: It said “If you focus on the problem, the problem seems bigger, but if you focus on the solution, the solution seems bigger…”. I suppose it’s all to do with what your perception is!

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