Should I review my goals?

Have you written down your goals? If so, when was the last time you reviewed them? If you haven’t, then why not?? 😉

Our lives are quickly passing us by and it is little wonder that tasks such as reviewing our goals get pushed aside but they are important, so must be treated as such!

So here’s something you can do over the next week or so.

Set aside one hour to review your goals. Are they still relevant? Are you on track? Have you achieved part or all of them? Do you think you could now achieve more? If so, modify your goal and make it more challenging!

Are there more things you want to achieve that you didn’t think of last time you sat down and looked at your goals? Write them down too!

There is no better way to improve your outlook on life than to have something to strive for. And once you get there, you also have that wonderful sense of achievement!

So reviewing your goals on a regular basis is definitely something you should do on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

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