My new year’s resolutions

Every new year it’s tradition to make at least one new year’s resolution – something you will achieve over the next year, and this year is no different for me, although my resolutions have changed a little, as you will see!

1. Finally sit my final life coaching exam before the end of February 2009

2. Make my marriage even better – communicate more with my husband, go out on “dates” at least once a month with just the two of us (since having our youngest daughter, this is a rarity these days) and go away with him on occasion – just the two of us!

3. Sponsor another disadvantaged child by the end of December 2009

4. Finally get my body in shape – by the end of March 2009, following the Fit Yummy Mummy program

5. Build the Self Confidence 101 online community to over 500 members by December 2009

6. Create at least three new products to help people improve their confidence by June 2009

7. Get involved in at least one of my older daughter’s passtimes – helping out or donating items and also sit down with her more to help her with her homework

8. Continue to give my younger daughter lots of love and kisses!

9. Pamper myself more than once a year!

10. Spend more time outdoors – we have beautiful weather here and should make the most of it!

Ok, so my goals are written and I will now have to commit by writing them down and working out what I am going to do to achieve them.

I need an action plan and that’s what I will now go and put together. I will post again once it’s done, to give you an idea of what you could do for your resolutions.

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