My hubby is going to become a personal trainer!

My husband told me today that he wanted to be a personal trainer.

He has always been sporty (unlike myself!) and loves working out, going to the gym and keeping fit, so it was no surprise to me when he mentioned his goal. I wondered what had taken him so long!?

Becoming a qualified personal trainer is expensive and requires a lot of hard work, so today we set about finding a way to help him achieve this goal, and of course we did!

We found the best course for him and he will confirm tomorrow if he can do distance study and he is on his way!

Often when we have a goal that requires a large financial cost, we find we tell ourselves we “can’t afford it” or “it’s too much”. But if the goal is something you really want, then changing these words to something more like “how can I afford this?” or “what can I do to make this happen?” will definitely put a different spin on things.

You will also realise very quickly that just by changing how you look at situations like this, you automatically create alternatives for yourself. It’s amazing!

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