My 100 dreams

When you have a goal in life, it’s always good to know why you want what you want, and what you will do when you have it.

As I work through the paperwork to get started on my new business, I have come across a page where I’m asked to write down 100 dreams. These are 100 things we would see, have, do, become or support if time and money were out of the equation.

Luckily I had already started this list some time ago, although I am finding it extremely difficult to come up with 100 and have only listed 35 so far! Eeek!

Isn’t it funny how we tend to only focus on the main things, but when we sit down and break it down and try to come up with a larger number, it becomes more difficult!?

It’s easy to say that I’d like a new house, a new car, an overseas holiday every year, but what about the little things? These things might include spending a day with my babies (ok, they’re not really babies anymore but they’re MY babies!), or taking my dog for a walk in the middle of the day… small things that seem insignificant. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do them if and when we want?!

So why not grab some paper now (or even load up a spreadsheet), and see how many dreams you can come up with. Hopefully you’ll get a lot more than my dismal 35! 😀

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