How to get what you want in life

I am a big fan of the law of attraction because it has brought me things I would never have thought possible, however it wasn’t until recently that I realised there was one huge thing I did every timeto achieve my goals.

Let me first go through the process I follow when I really want to achieve something:

  • First I need to have a goal and I need to be pretty specific about it too
  • I write my goal down, in the present tense (eg.  I write something like, "I am so happy and grateful now that I am doing whatever, each and every day"..)
  • I visualise myself achieving that goal (I usually do this at night, just before I go to sleep)
  • I summon up the feelings associated with achieving that goal (I also do this just before I go to sleep).  I usually have a smile on my face at this point in time!  :)
  • I write in my grateful journal how happy I am to have achieved my goal, all the while summoning up those feelings (I pretend I have already achieved the goal while I am doing this)
  • I really begin to believe I will achieve my goal
  • Finally, I detach from the outcome.  More about this below.

Detaching can be a difficult concept to grasp but once you master it, amazing things start to happen.

All too often we want something so badly we obsess about it.  It’s all we think about, and we know we would be devastated if we didn’t get it.  Our life is consumed by this goal, and we find ourselves losing sleep over it.  What if I don’t achieve my goal???  ARGH!!!

There is a better way!

Remaining focused on your goal is definitely a good start.  You may meet obstacles on the way, but remaining focused on the end result will help you to deal with those obstacles.

Having 100% belief you will achieve that goal is also good.  But it’s also good to have a "Plan B".

At first, I thought this would be detrimental to my goal because it was like I was thinking I wouldn’t achieve it, so I resisted this for so long, but my experience tells me this is not the case!

For example, in 2006 when I was pregnant with my second child,  my husband and I wanted to buy a house.  Thanks to my former husband’s actions in previous years, our loan was rejected, and we ended up having to face several obstacles.

At this time I realised that I was absolutely obsessed with getting this house and I would be devastated if we didn’t. 

While I had the belief in my head that the house was ours, I also had this niggling worry that the sky would fall in if we didn’t get it.

I decided to look at rental properties with air conditioning (long story, but I HAD to have air conditioning!) and found quite a few that would suit us if for some reason we did not get our loan.  I realised then that I would be ok with the outcome of our loan application, regardless of what it was – I had my Plan B in place if everything went pear-shaped.  In fact, I just wanted an answer and I really didn’t care what it was!

The following day we were approved.

So you see?  As soon as I was able to detach from the outcome, I stopped being obsessed by it and therefore the negative feelings I had around it disappeared and my goal was able to be achieved.

Has anything like this happened to you or someone you know?


  1. Hi Miki

    I agree with you regarding the Plan B in a way – yes you are definitely right that by having a Plan B you are less committed to achieving your goal.

    I suppose what I was trying to say was that your Plan B should be good enough to prevent the “sky falling in”, however not good enough to make you truly happy. Does that make sense?

    I stopped caring about the outcome in my situation because I knew that I had another (not so attractive) option if things fell through – and I knew the sky would therefore not fall in, regardless.

    Thank you so much for your feedback – it is much appreciated!

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