How my gratitude journal got me out of a “funk” yesterday

I’ve posted on here before about gratitude journals and I really do love mine, although I don’t write in it nearly as often as I should. But after last night, I am thinking I should!

I was having a pretty good day, which headed downhill pretty quickly last night after a silly argument with my man (I have since forgiven him! haha). I was sad, upset, angry, and a whole lot of other emotions. So I let myself feel them all.

And then I decided my negative feeling time was up and it was time to turn things around in my mind into something positive!

So I grabbed my gratitude journal and began writing. I wrote down five things I was grateful for at the time, and then I wrote directly afterwards, in present tense (and with the due date) my biggest goal – what I want to achieve just over two years from now.

As I wrote down that goal (which I’ve had for a short time), an overwhelming feeling of excitement came over me. It was like I could feel it was coming, and it was getting so close I could almost touch it!

It’s funny, because I’ve never felt like that while writing down an affirmation or a goal before, unless I consciously brought those feelings up. So for it to happen involuntarily was quite an awesome feeling!

And then today something happened that I wasn’t expecting. This thing has taken me one more step closer to my goal! Yay!

It’s funny how a change in mindset (brought on by writing in my gratitude journal) can create circumstances which bring your goals closer huh? :)

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