Having trouble staying focused on your biggest goal? Try this!

reminderAre you having trouble staying focused on your goals? You know you should stay focused, and you know that by staying focused, you increase your chances of achieving them…. But life gets in the way…

I do the same. I have a goal, I’m really excited about it, then life happens and my goal slips into the back of my mind, only retrieved when I consciously bring it back into focus.

So… here’s what I came up with (thanks to a close friend of mine) as an idea to keep a constant reminder of my goals, right in my face, so I’m less likely to lose focus.

I bought myself a ring.

This ring is constantly in front of my face, and is therefore a constant reminder to stay focused on my goals. Every time I see or become conscious of the ring on my finger, I run my goal through my mind.

I want to become obsessed with my goal! I want it to seep into every cell of my being! I want to achieve this goal more than anything in the world! And I certainly don’t want to let life get in the way!

There are also other things you can do, such as sticking sticky notes on your bathroom mirror and in your car, placing little reminders in your purse, setting reminders in your phone.

What kinds of things can you come up with to keep you focused on your goals?

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