Are you going to set new year’s resolutions?

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I always make a point of setting new year’s resolutions and I am going to reflect today on the resolutions I set almost a year ago.

I had resolutions relating to both my career, my personal life (including my family) and my business, so I think I covered all of them!

Now, how did I go?

1. Create a business income which is more than sufficient to allow me to continue working from home so I can spend quality time with my children.

Ok, well this didn’t happen because I let my job get in the way, although I enjoy my job, so it’s not all bad, although I think I will put a variation of this resolution down for next year!

2. Complete my Life Coaching qualification

Apart from my final exam, I am finished! Yay!

3. Improve my stock market trading ability

I did do this, although didn’t do a lot with it. I am currently more focused on my coaching, so I doubt I will add anything like this to next year.

4. Sponsor another disadvantaged child

I didn’t sponsor another child, although I did donate additional money to charity, but I do plan on adding this one again to my list for next year!

5. Pamper myself more often!

Does ONE massage this year count???

6. Hire a house cleaner (I hate housework!)

I am planning on hiring my parent’s house cleaner, although she doesn’t know it yet. There were some events during the year that meant it wasn’t appropriate to talk to her about it. Will add this to next year’s list.

7. Drink more water

Definitely doing that!

8. Exercise more

Even though I’m not exercising as much as I should, I am definitely doing more than last year!

9. Take baby for more walks

This ties in with number 1 I think, although pushing her around on her bike yesterday kind of counts. I will add this to next year’s list too.

10. Show more affection to my husband and children

I am doing this too!

Ok, so that’s not the best result overall, but I did complete some.

What I did write was make the resolutions and write them down. But I didn’t plan out exactly what I was going to do and how I was going to do it!

Setting goals is great, but for things like I have listed here, I really should have planned the steps I needed to take in order to achieve them. This would have made the goal a little more “achievable”.

I’m going now to work on my list for next year! Are you working on your new year’s resolutions?

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