You attract like-minded people

My husband and I attended a friend’s 40th birthday party last night and we had the pleasure of meeting (for the second time – we met at another event over a year ago) award winning photographer, Tracy Woolley (visit to see her beautiful work).  

Tracy is involved in getting The Secret out to the people of Australia and is currently promoting Mike Dooley who appears in The Secret, (I suggest you watch The Secret if you haven’t already).  Tracy is obviously into the Law of Attraction (and has contacts in high places!) and she commented on how we had come together again through a mutual friend and how we attract people who are like-minded.  How right she was! 

That brings me back to what I said I think in my last post, about how if you suffer from low self esteem, you attract people who are in tune with that.  In my case, when I was suffering with low self esteem, I attracted a man who also had low self esteem and who verbally and emotionally abused me – probably to make sure my self esteem stayed low enough (below his!) so that I wouldn’t leave him.  I eventually (it took 9 years!) realised what was going on and did something about it!   Many, many people out there live their entire lives like the life I led.  I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

So when you’re out there living your life, think about the type of person or people you want to attract into your life and then think about whether you would be attracted to you if you were that ideal person.

Hmmm!  Something to think about!

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