When you look after yourself you feel better

Before I start, let me be the first to admit that sometimes when I’m feeling down in the dumps, I really do not want to make any effort to look after myself. In fact, I can often neglect my health if things are really bad, but all this does is make me feel worse!

You don’t have to look very far to see that there are a whole lot of people out there who aren’t taking good care of themselves. You could be one of those people, and let’s be honest here…

We all know what healthy foods are (for the most part) and we also know that to stay in shape it’s important we exercise regularly. But with a large proportion of the population currently overweight, it’s obvious that we’re not loving ourselves all that much!

Ok ok I know we get busy, but there are ways to eat healthy foods and to exercise regularly without too much trouble. You can buy prepackaged meal replacement shakes that are low in fat and sugar for breakfast (I’ll post some links at some stage for the Aussie and NZ readers!), you can take a piece of fruit with you for snacks, you can make your lunches the night before you go to work, you can do the 12 minute workouts at bodyrock.tv too.

If you’re not making your health a priority, why aren’t you? What would it take for you to make it a priority?

I’ve never struggled with my weight – ever. But I’ve always had pretty good eating habits, and when I ate junk, it was only ever a small portion. I NEVER upsized, and I never will. Ever.

But when my last marriage was in a bit of a funk, I was working from home and burying myself in my work so I wasn’t facing my marriage problems. During that time I did put on a few kilos. Not a lot, but enough for me to notice (mind you, I was still within the healthy weight range for my height). My fat % was going up. And I did not like it!

So I did something about it. I purposely chose to live where I live so that I would have a decent walk every morning to my train. I also eat a LOT of vegetables, preferably steamed or raw, and with a small serving of lean meat, chicken or fish, and “cheat meals” are limited to once or twice a week. And finally I go to the gym at least three times a week too.

And you know what? I feel better now than I have EVER felt in my life! I feel better than I did in my 20’s!!!

So when you do look after yourself you do feel better. And I think a part of that probably comes down to the fact that you also LOOK better too, not to mention having all of that extra energy to burn!

So…. what are you doing to look after yourself? Or what are you about to START doing?? :)

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