Self confidence is about feeling good about yourself

Although I’m a strong believer in appreciating what’s on the inside and that how you feel on the inside is what really matters, I also believe that if you know you look good, you will feel good.

Let’s look at two scenarios here.

In the first scenario you get out of bed and get ready for your day. You don’t bother with makeup or looking after your skin because you’re happy to just “grow old gracefully”.

You don’t exercise regularly and you try to eat healthy sometimes, but excercise and healthy eating is not important to you.

You feel sluggish most of the time, and you really don’t like that ever-growing muffin top. But at the same time, you’re not prepared to do what it takes to change.

You look in the mirror.

What you see is somebody who is slightly overweight, lacking in energy, and who doesn’t take much pride in her appearance.

Now let’s look at the next scenario…

You get out of bed and you follow your daily beauty routine of cleansing your face, toning and moisturising. You apply a little makeup and you dress in clothes that flatter your figure.

You go about your day and fit in a one hour workout which makes you feel great!

You eat healthy foods all day and you drink plenty of water.

You feel good AND you know you look good! Everybody around you notices too and many of your friends and colleagues comment on how lucky you are to have such a great figure.

Ok, so we can see that we have two very different people here.

Which one are you?

Do you take care of yourself, both inside and out? Do you take pride in your appearance?

Or do you not care? What price are you paying for not caring?

I know from my own experience that when I’m working out regularly, eating well and making an effort in my physical appearance, I feel GREAT! My self confidence rises and I feel as though I can take on the world!

On the other hand, like you probably do, I have “icky” days sometimes. On those days I get lazy, I eat bad food and I make ZERO effort to look good. And you know what? I feel yuk as a result!

I’m happy to say that this rarely happens to me these days, because I’ve learned that being in the habit of looking after myself brings much better results than the alternative.

So what are you doing to look after yourself each day?

Do you have a weekly exercise routine? What types of food are you feeding your body? How much care are you taking of your appearance?

I’ll be talking more about these things in coming weeks because they’re very important to anybody wanting to boost their confidence and self esteem, and it really doesn’t take that much effort as you will see!


  1. Jeff Tyun says:

    I too was once a extremely shy guy but I’ve went from that to a confident introvert. The shy person is not to be confused with the introvert (who doesn’t have a lack of belief in oneself, but instead feels more adequate in more intimate social settings). The confident, introverted guy is super sexy to a girl.
    I actually wrote a full article on my blog , please feel free to check it out my other inspirational articles.

    Source: My personal blog with advice on turning your life around

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