Santa was good to me!

It’s the day after Christmas here in Australia and we’re expecting another hot and steamy day!

I received plenty of good pressies that were not only exactly what I wanted, but they were practical too – perfect. Thanks Santa! 😉

My husband and two friends have an annual tradition where they sit around all day and watch the cricket test match. Boring!!

Luckily for me, one of them is married to a lovely lady I can chat to today, and of course I have the “I have to leave” excuse when our daughter gets tired at around lunch time.

Yesterday was a lovely day where our family came together in the one place (for the first time in months!) for a celebration. My only living grandparent (my grandfather) was there, as were my parents, my siblings, their partners and their children.

While it’s unfortunate that we do not get together more often, it is good that we use Christmas as an excuse to catch up, which I suppose is better than nothing.

I hope your day was just as enjoyable!

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