Queensland Floods – Devastating

Words cannot describe the devastation that has swept through my city this last week.  Thousands of people have lost everything, including loved ones, and many parts of the city of Brisbane and beyond is now covered in what I can only describe as a thick brown sludge.

Only a few minutes from my home, people were being evacuated from their homes too.  Meanwhile my daughters and I were safe in our home which stands near the top of a small hill.  We were far enough away from rivers that the rising floodwaters never posed a threat.  Thank goodness!

An event like this drives home the fact that each and every day is precious and it is up to us to make our lives the very best it can be.  So many families have lost loved ones, and with them their dreams and aspirations.

I’ve been driven to tears on several occasions over the last few days as I’ve heard the terrifying and devastating stories of many of the flood victims.

I can only try to imagine the true horror and devastation my fellow Queenslanders are feeling right now, but I will never truly understand – and for that I am grateful.  But I’m feeling somewhat “guilty” too, for coming through this without experiencing any loss.  Which is why I want to help the victims to get back on their feet.

Thousands of volunteers have started helping out with the cleanup, which is a truly wonderful thing.  Our true caring spirit is running in full force right now, and that is the positive that has come out of such a huge tragedy.

My heart goes out to those suffering.

If you would like to help but can’t be here to help with the cleanup, please donate to the flood relief appeal here: http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html.

The video below was taken in Toowoomba, which is not far from Brisbane, and was just the beginning of what soon became the worst flood to hit Brisbane in a very long time.  This shows you just how fast this flood hit.  Unbelievable.

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