You can only help those who want to help themselves

I had an interesting Facebook (FB) experience last night and this morning.

A male FB friend had asked the question why so many women are attracted to men who treat them badly.

I responded that many women have such a low self worth that they put up with such treatment. A woman with high self worth would never accept this kind of treatment ever!

Anyway, within a few minutes I was “attacked” by a woman who suggested I was putting all women into a box, stating I had “gr8 intellect”, etc etc etc.

She also went on to tell the world how she was seeing a criminal with several convictions against him, whilst telling me she had a high self worth.

Did she really? Why did she feel the need to “attack” me and insult my intelligence?

We all attract people into our lives that reflect our subconscious thoughts.

If she truly felt she was worthy of having quality people in her life, then she would never have had a relationship with this guy. She attracted him, but takes no responsibility for the fact that she attracted him.

I was once like this girl. My entire circumstances were the fault of someone else and not me.

It was when I finally realised that my entire future was in my hands (or even in my subconscious mind) that I was finally able to start living the life I always wanted.

Just so you know, I don’t feel insulted or hurt at all by what this woman – I feel sorry for her. Many would have felt tempted to attack back, but what would I have achieved by doing so?

I hope that one day she will think about what I wrote and finally realise that only she has the power to rid those “bad” types from her life…

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