What is your “Why”?

I was at a seminar tonight and was pleased to hear some inspiring stories of people who have achieved great success in a business I am now involved in.

A friend of mine drove us there tonight, and on our way home she said a few things which really helped me to see just how important knowing why you’re striving to succeed is so important. Without that “why”, you will soon lose momentum then stop.

You see, her problem right now is that she doesn’t have that “why”. She doesn’t know what it is. And because of that, she’s not nearly as focused or as driven to succeed in this business as I am right now.

So what are your reasons behind why you’re doing what you do right now?

Do you want to provide a better life for your children?

Do you want to achieve freedom to do what you want, when you want?

Do you want to take overseas holidays every year?

Do you want to help a specific charity?

One of the things I was encouraged to do when I started my new business was to write out 100 dreams. 100 things I wanted to be, do or have, if money or time weren’t a factor.

Write down your 100 dreams and read that list often as a reminder of why you get up every day and do whatever it is you’re doing!

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