What are you feeding your mind?

Today I came across a book in a department store, called “Flood Horror & Tragedy” which portrayed several stories and photos of the events which surrounded the floods here in Queensland Australia where I live, in January 2011.

My first impression of this book when I saw the cover, was HUH??? Here we are, supposedly spreading Christmas cheer, and a book like this is supposed to do that?? I think NOT!

Now I must start off by acknowledging the fact that 100% of the publisher’s profits will be donated to various charities, which of course is a good thing.

Another positive, is that according to the book’s website, it contains stories of courage and the will to survive. That’s great!

So why the awful title? Why is the focus on the horror and not on the beauty of human nature???

Unfortunately, it’s often human nature to choose a book titled “Flood Horror & Tragedy” over something like “Amazing courage” or “The Will to Survive”, which I find very disturbing and sad. Why isn’t there more focus in this world on the GOOD things???

It’s because of the title of this book that I refuse to buy it – I don’t want something that portrays such negativity sitting on my bookshelf. Every time I look at it and read the title, I’m feeding myself negative words! Give me something uplifting and positive any day!

What are you feeding your mind on a daily basis? Positive things or negative things??

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