Today is going to be a wonderful day!

And do you want to know why?  The reason why today is going to be a wonderful day is because I have decided that it will be!

If you wake up feeling bad and thinking your day is going to be terrible, then guess what?  It will be!

Now why would you choose to have a bad day?  That’s what you’re doing when you start thinking you will…

So if you find yourself thinking about your day in a negative way, stop yourself and look for the positives.  I think I’ve said it before that no matter how bad a situation can be, and as hard as it is to see it, something positive can come out of almost every situation.

For example, have you ever watched the TV show The Gift?  I was crying during one particular episode (like I do when I watch these types of things!) where the parents had lost their 15 year old daughter in a serious car accident.  It wasn’t hard to imagine the devastation her poor parents felt at the time.

They had decided to donate their daughter’s organs in the hope that another child’s life could be saved.

And that’s exactly what happened.

The first girl to receive one of the donated organs was facing death due to I think it was a diseased kidney or liver.  She was literally on death’s doorstep, but thanks to the 15 year old girl’s donated organs, she was saved and went on to live a happy, normal life.

I suppose things are very different in the US because this girl was able to meet the parents of the 15 year old to thank them in person (you can’t do that here I don’t believe).  So imagine how they felt meeting this young girl who had been literally saved by their daughter, and a part of her lived inside this girl!  Wow!

They all actually became quite close, and it was a beautiful story.  The parents were just so happy that their daughter’s life hadn’t been for nothing – she had actually saved three other people with her donated organs, all of which they had the pleasure of meeting.

So while the devastation of losing their daughter was probably the worst experience a parent could ever imagine, it had a very very happy ending – three times over!

Nothing will take away the pain of losing their daughter, but they knew she would never come back so took a lot of comfort in knowing that three other lives were saved as a result.

So the next time you wake up all crabby, think about this family and feel grateful for the good you have in your life because there is always somebody else who would give anything to be in your shoes, because it’s a hell of a lot better there than in their own lives…

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