The Outcome of my Interview

What a week!  Well I finally received a call on Wednesday and I didn’t get the job.   I couldn’t believe it!  I was so certain the job was mine.  The reason I didn’t get the job was because they offered the position to a person late last year and that person turned the job down, but then they changed their mind.  So that is who they gave it to.

So Wednesday was quite a frustrating day for me, although I figured that there was something better out there for me.  And how right I was!

On Thursday morning I had a call from my previous employer, asking me if I’d be interested in a Business Analyst role with them.  It meant I would be entitled to the usual perks that come with a Government job, and that would allow me time to concentrate on my business pursuits too!  So of course I said YES!

I had my "interview" yesterday and was told I would be starting a week from Monday.

It is truly amazing how things work out…!

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