The Law of Attraction and your Health

I read an amazing story today about a young woman who was suffering from an incurable, potentially fatal heart condition.

She was devastated when she found out her heart was a ticking time bomb, and was terrified she would die young.

That was until she decided to apply the Law of Attraction. She made a conscious effort to ban any negative thoughts about her condition, and refused to let them enter her mind any more. Every night as she lie in bed, she would visualise her heart being strong and and rehearsed in her mind, her heart beating like it was supposed to. Then every morning she would say “Thank you for my strong, healthy heart” and would visualise the cardiologist telling her she was cured.

Another important thing she did was keep her affirmations and visualisations to herself for fear of disbelief or judgement.

When she went to her cardiologist for her usual checkup (4 months late because she wanted to make sure she gave her visualisations a fair shot first, to see if they would work), he was dumbfounded because he found no sign of her “incurable” condition.

AMAZING stuff!!

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