The education never stops

Those of you who know me realise that I am a person who always has to be learning.

If I’m not learning something new, I feel restless. When I am restless, I become annoying and I nag my husband (a LOT!).

The reason I get like this is because when I am not learning, I feel that I am not growing. If I am not growing, then how can I improve myself?

I believe that we can all improve on some aspects of our lives, and the more we improve, the better our confidence in ourselves.

Some aspects of learning require us to challenge ourselves in some way. As I talked about in a recent post (click HERE to see the post I am referring to), taking a risk a day is a good way to build your confidence, but also it is a great way to help you grow.

Over the next few days I am going to put together a list of risks I am going to set for myself for a week in the future, and I will complete each risk each day for a week.

I am currently studying for my coaching assessment which is this Saturday, so once this is over, I will sit down and work on my list!

Why don’t you join me and comment below (or visit the forum) to tell everyone what your challenges are?

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