My newly implemented 20 point plan

I’ve not been around lately because I’ve been extremely busy with my business – in fact, I rarely have time to take any time out for myself these days, which I am somewhat struggling with.

I had a great conversation with my mentor yesterday (even coaches need mentors/coaches!) and I was discussing with him my struggle to find the time to get everything done each day, as well as take time out for myself.

He offered me a great tool for managing my productivity around my business and I thought I’d pass it on to you, my dedicated readers! This tool can be used for business and can be modified to help you achieve personal goals too.

I find that sometimes my productivity wanes – I’m not doing things that are helping my business to grow to a point where I can find ways to leverage of other people, and this is partly my problem.

The tool is a 20 point plan or checklist, and here are the steps to implement this:

  1. Write down everything you do that contributes to generating income for your business, or something that contributes to a specific goal.
  2. Allocate points to each task. For example, if I go to see a client or do some networking, that is worth 2 points. If I email a potential client or update my blog then that is worth .1 per email/post. If I pick up a new client then I get 5 points.
  3. Work towards achieving 20 points per day.
  4. Once you have reached 20 points you can take some time out!

You will need to be honest with yourself here. Only give decent points to items that contribute the most to your goals, and of course only allocate points to productive tasks.

What’s great about this tool is that you are likely to focus on productive tasks to get points, rather than tasks that will not take you closer to your goal.

As you near 20 points, you will begin to feel a sense of accomplishment – you’re almost there! Reach 20 and you get to celebrate! Woohoo!

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