Meet the Robinsons – “Keep Moving Forward”

My husband and I attended a Christmas party last night and my mother looked after the children. I took our older daughter to hire a DVD so she and her grandmother could entertain themselves while we were out.

We ended up with Meet the Robinsons.

Today, my husband and I decided to watch it too and I loved it!

The "motto" throughout the movie was "Keep moving forward" and pretty much referred to the fact that one should stop looking back at past failures and keep moving forward.

During the movie, the main character Lewis suffers a "failure". The family applaud him because they see the failure as an opportunity to try again.

What a wonderful message and one I definitely apply to my own life. I’ve "failed" many times at many things, but not once has that fact defeated me.

Even the fact that I am currently in the midst of a "difficult" period will not stop me striving for success – EVER.

Have a great day!

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