Job hunting and your resume

I had my first interview with a recruiting firm yesterday (a day late – they called and asked me if I would mind changing), and I have another today with a different firm and it’s looking pretty good for me! While my qualifications are a big plus (thanks to study I did while working for my last employer), I think my biggest asset is my experience. One of the positions the recruiter talked about yesterday is pretty much exactly what I have done before, although with a different company, so my qualifications don’t really come into it (although some study would have been required if I didn’t have them).

This all reminds me of a time when my younger sister and I were having a talk one day. I was telling her all about my new job and how great it was, and I suggested that she apply. She pretty much said she could never do a job like "that"! Now I’m no better than her, nor did I get any further at school. My experiences were just different, but hers could be translated (or re-worded) on a resume to be exactly what an employer is looking for.

For example, my sister started in retail. That involved customer service, cash handling, complaints handling, team work, attention to detail, etc etc etc. From there she moved into banking, which required those skills. She then moved into the position where I worked (which required most of those skills again). Wording your resume to suit the position is key to getting an interview. In most cases, the position description will outline what they are looking for and while you may not have done exactly what they are after, a component of your previous job/s may have incorporated that skill or requirement. It’s all about being creative!

Now, back to my sister:

Fast forward to a year later and not only did she get a job at my organisation, but she excelled at it! And only a couple of years later, not only has she taken over my job (because I left to have my baby!), but she’s been PROMOTED!! Typical! :)

It just goes to show, that while she lacked confidence in her abilities, she was able to get through harrowing interviews and assessments before being able to prove her abilities in the workplace which were then recognised and rewarded. She’s a clever girl!

I’m off to get ready now for interview number two!

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