Interview tips – The actual interview

Here are some points to remember:

1. Don’t speak negatively about a past employer

2. Ensure you don’t interrupt during the course of the interview

3. Keep your answers short and to the point. Don’t ramble on, but don’t use one word answers either.

4. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer/s (avoid staring) and ensure you talk to both or all of them

5. Ask questions – prior to going to your interview, prepare some well-thought questions about the company or the position. You could ask who you would be reporting to, questions about the team you are joining or opportunities for advancement. Obviously you do not ask a question that was already answered by the interviewers (eg. Many will talk about the position prior to the start of the formal interview and may have already told you about who you would report to or about the team etc). Leave salary and benefits questions until after you have been offered the position.

6. Think carefully before accepting a drink. If you’re anything like me, your nerves may cause you to choke on it, or worse, spill it!

7. SMILE when appropriate, throughout the interview. :)

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