If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all…

One of the things that people with low self esteem or confidence have is a lot of negative self talk.

They tell themselves they’re not good enough, or they’ll never be able to succeed, or there’s no way they could do that.

The key to overcoming this self talk is to replace it with postive talk, even if you don’t believe the positive things you are saying!

Like with affirmations, you will say nice things about yourself, such as how successful you are, how great a person you are, how happy you are, how wonderful your life is, how everybody admires you and turns to you for your advice – all good things!

While I am a pretty positive person, I sometimes have thoughts and feelings of doubt, where I wonder if I will ever achieve some of my goals. It is at this point that I reaffirm my goals, and tell myself how successful I am and how happy my life is. I then get out my "special" notebook where I write down all my goals, and I add to it – no matter how small the goal is. I remember writing down that I had a new dinner set the other day in fact! No goal is too big or too small. Doing this changes my focus from that of the negative, to the positive. Not only do the negative thoughts fade away, but I feel so much better too.

You should try it!

Have a great day!

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