I now know why affirmations are good for me… now what??

The first step towards getting those affirmations working for you is to write them down in present tense as I mentioned in my last post.

I write my goals and my affirmations on the backs of old business cards, and put them all around the house including on the bathroom mirror, on my bedside table, on the refrigerator door, near the telephone, on my desk, in my purse and I even pop a couple in my car, such as in the centre console and on the dash.

You don’t have to use business cards of course – just some paper will be fine!

Whenever I see one of my cards, I repeat the affirmation or goal in my head, again telling myself a "lie" so as to trick my mind into believing it is true!

This is probably the easiest and best way to use affirmations, so get that pen out and start writing!

Have a great day!

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