How two species have come together

My husband was lucky enough to see a koala in our front yard last year (it’s not common in suburbia to see them) and they are such a gorgeous, cuddly-looking animal, although the wild ones can be quite vicious!  This particular koala hadn’t had it’s habitat destroyed by fire, however – it was just exploring, but there was no way my husband was going to get too close!

I am talking again today about what has come about due to the tragic fires in Victoria, Australia.

The photos below just show how a situation so tragic can result in trust and kindness between two species…

A thirsty wild koala seeks the help of a firefighter. 





This little fella is also feeling so parched that he seeks some water from passing cyclists.


Their habitat has been all but destroyed, and I take my hat off to the men who were so kind as to come to the rescue with their water bottles, regardless of the risk they could be attacked by these precious creatures.

Remember, donations to the bushfire appeal can be made through

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