How to stop feeling so down on myself

Let’s face it. There will be days when you’re feeling bad, you’re mentally beating yourself up and you feel like you’re worthless, useless, not worth anybody’s time…

But on some conscious level you KNOW you’re better than this. You know you deserve a happier and better life. But you just can’t dig yourself out of this pit of despair.

So today’s post is about helping you to feel just a little bit better about yourself.

I’m not sure if I’ve said it here on the blog before, but if you’re told a lie often enough, soon you’ll start to believe it. So let’s start off today by telling yourself some nice “lies”!

So here’s something you can try:

  • Write down at least five things you like about yourself. They could be personality traits (you’re a good person, you’re kind to others, you have a great sense of humour, you’re smart, etc) which are preferred, or they could be physical attributes, such as you have nice hair, nice eyes, you’re pretty, you have a nice figure, etc.
  • Review this list EVERY day. Stick it by your bed or on your bathroom mirror. Put it somewhere so you see it first thing every day.
  • As you read this list every day, even if you don’t believe it right now, pretend that everything on that list is 100% true.
  • Add things to your list as you think of them.

This little task will go a long way towards helping to lift your spirits and allowing you to like yourself just a little bit more! xx


  1. I’m so tired off my life everyone i let close in my life has eithe screwed me left me or died.I’m berry guarded and don’t let people in plus here lately i have been struggling with getting a job which has always been one of the only things i seem to be good is throwing more hard times the more i try jotter much more does God think i can handle? I need some good news or just a job something positive needs to happen

  2. Hi Tamara. I find that everything seems to turn sour at once. If it doesn’t rain it pours!

    So it’s not surprising that you’re feeling this way, based on what you’ve been through.

    I personally find comfort in the belief I have that things WILL get better, because they always do for me – eventually. Do you have that same belief in you somewhere? That things can improve? If you have that, then you’re already half way there.

    I am crossing my fingers for you that a job opportunity comes up soon for you. xxx

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