Did I get the job?

Yes, I had the interview and as usual I walked out thinking of all of the things I should have said but didn’t! Don’t you hate that?

Another thing I did is write (in code) that I had the job already, and stuck it to my computer monitor, so I could see it every day. I did this as a way to convince myself I had the job.

I had to wait almost two weeks before I received a call about the job and the call was to ask me to attend a second interview. I have NEVER had a second interview at this workplace (I started there 6 years ago but resigned last August before returning as a temp in February), so I thought this was a bit strange.

I later found out that they only normally did second interviews with the preferred candidate, to make sure they were a good fit for the area, so this helped to improve my confidence a LOT!

So yesterday was the second interview and I must say, I think it went extremely well! The interview was with the general manager of the department and he kind of told me that I had the job, but he had to run it by the manager I would be reporting to first and there were negotiations to make regarding my move to the new area etc.

So there you go! I should know “officially” by Wednesday I think! Woo hoo!

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