Children and self esteem

As a mother of two children, I find it really disturbing to hear stories of parents putting their children down.  I hear them being told they are stupid idiots, they’ll never amount to anything or they’re fat, or whatever.

What kind of damage are these parents doing to their children?  I can pretty much bet every cent I own that these children are not going to think much of themselves, and this will carry forward into adulthood.

A parent is supposed to nurture their child, teach them right from wrong, encourage them to be their best, be there for them when they’re down, to create stability in their child’s life.  I have found with my eldest child that even though she’s in "trouble" with me on occasion (moreso now as she nears her teens!), she understands why she is in trouble, and is usually resigned to her punishment, which is usually one of her favourite things taken away from her for a few days to a week, or no playing with her friends on the weekend.  Never have I put her down in ANY way, and nor will I ever do such a thing.

No child is perfect and because they are human, they will make mistakes – I can guarantee it.  As parents we must understand that fact, and ensure our children know when they have done something wrong and guide them to make things right again.

Have a great day!

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