Calling all WISE Women!

A friend of mine directed me to the site below and I feel compelled to tell you all about it, because I believe that if we can improve any aspect of our life through self education, then it’s a worthwhile investment of our time. Read on for more information about this free offer…

Empowering Conversations to Transform Your Relationship with MONEY

Now is the time for us as women to JOIN TOGETHER to strengthen our courage, consciousness and competence in matters of money and living TRULY WEALTHY lives—through our unique FEMININE WISDOM!

PLEASE JOIN ME and other WISE women around the world at the Wealth for Women Global Summit which began in January, 2012 (and it continues, so get in now so you don’t miss out – there are plenty of free audios to listen to!) for a dynamic virtual series of wide-ranging, insightful conversations with some of today’s most inspiring and influential thought leaders on topics that matter most to women about money and life.

The consortium of exceptional women and men include:

Marci Shimoff, Margaret M. Lynch, Dr. Sue Morter, Rinaldo Brutoco, Paula Fellingham, Caterina Rando, PJ Van Hulle, Karen Solomon, Leela Francis, Dr. Toni Galardi, Moses Ma and Claire Rumore, Rev. Julie Renee and some surprises, too!

This FREE virtual Summit will provide you the Wisdom, Inspiration, Solutions and Empowerment necessary to take the next most powerful step toward what it means for you to be a “truly wealthy” woman grounded in your distinct FEMININE WISDOM.

Imagine how your life would be better if you were really thriving financially—on your own terms! Now, imagine how our planet would be illuminated and elevated by global communities of empowered “truly wealthy” women, including YOU!

Join us. Take the step. Lead the way. Register here:

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