Be likable to those who inspire you

I’ve talked in the past about the importance of having a mentor – someone who inspires you and who you can learn from, and also mixing with like-minded people who are for your greater good.  I remember repeating the phrase, "You are whom you associate with".

One thing I maybe should have mentioned was that to hang out with these wonderful, inspirational people, you must be worth their time!

If you are of a negative mindset, constantly complaining about how the world has done you wrong, you will realise that these people will distance themselves from you very quickly.  Negative people bring them down, and most successful people don’t want to be exposed to such negativity.

Now, I’m not going to tell you to go and get a personality transplant if you’re like this, but I will say that from now on, be aware of what you are saying and how you are acting – especially when you’re hanging out with those you want to learn from!  If you notice that you’re about to say something negative, stop and think about how your comment will be perceived, and maybe rephrase it – or not say it at all!

Show your interest in what they have to say, take on board their suggestions and ask well thought out questions.

They will not appreciate "excusitis" (a term used by a friend of mine, meaning that you’re making every excuse under the sun as to why you cannot do what they suggest!), nor will they appreciate negative comments, cynicism or negative actions.

Consider how much fun you are to hang out with and enjoy life as you deserve to!

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