ARGH! I have a job interview again!

It’s been a while since I posted here. Life’s pretty busy and now I have another job interview to deal with!

I’m not sure if I talked about this a while back but the job I have right now is temporary to the end of July. After that, they can either extend my contract (which I believe they will) or they can let me go.

I prefer to have stability in my life, so I applied for a couple of permanent positions at the place I currently work.

The first position is at the same level I am currently on, and the other will mean a little promotion. I really don’t mind which one I get – as long as I get one of them!!

So to prepare, I have today written down the parts of the job description which talk about the attributes I should have to be ideal for the position. I have then written examples of where I have used or demonstrated my abilities relating to each attribute.

I will smile a lot, maintain regular eye contact with each of the interviewers and will try to be myself.

I know one of the people interviewing me (there will be 3) and she is really lovely, so I’m happy about that!

Am I nervous? Kind of! I will probably be worse on Wednesday at 3pm which is the day of my interview! ARGH!!! I will post how I go!

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