Are you really prepared to change your attitude?

313127 3284Having worked for large organisations, it’s easy to see what a difference your attitude can make to your work and personal life.

I work with people who just cannot be pleased, no matter what you do. They find fault in everything. They dislike doing work that is “not in their job description”, they spend most of their time whining about how badly they are being treated by management, and rarely, if ever, look happy. What are they like at home???

Meanwhile, there’s a person sitting right next to them who feels happy and fulfilled. They do the same job for the same pay, working for the same boss but every day they come in with a smile on their face.

So why is there such a contrast?

Now, I hate to admit it, but I used to be the person described first. I always had a complaint about something! What was my problem??!!

My problem was my attitude.

I chose to see the negatives in any situation, so that’s exactly what I saw, and therefore experienced.

These days, I choose to see the positives and it is amazing the contrast I have achieved by doing so.

By being positive, I seem to attract more “luck” (I don’t really believe in luck, but it could be perceived as such), opportunities seem to appear out of nowhere, and life in general is so fulfilling and fun!

All because I have made a conscious choice to see the good in everything around me!

Do you need some help doing the same? If you’re currently in a negative place right now, then my bet is that you do.

Try the tips below and note the difference it makes:

1. Each and every day, write a list of everything you are grateful for in your life.

2. When faced with a “challenge” (this could be a situation you perceive as negative), consciously look for opportunities stemming from that challenge, or positives.

For example, in my town yesterday, a woman left her baby in her car (yep, in the middle of summer) to go and pay a bill. She left the car running and it was unlocked. While she was paying the bill, a car thief stole her car.

When he realised there was a young baby in the car, he stopped under a tree, wound the windows down, called the last dialed number on her cell phone (it happened to be her sister), and told her where it was parked. He then ran off.

This is a terrible situation and we all know that leaving babies in cars is extremely dangerous, and the thief should not have stolen her car.

However, the baby IS alive and even though the thief did the wrong thing by taking the car, he did the right thing by calling and telling someone the location of the car. If he had not done that, then maybe the baby could have died.

Get my point?

3. As per my last post, write a list of 150 positive things in your life.

4. Start setting goals for yourself – give your life purpose.

5. Look after yourself – having a good diet and exercise regime can give you a great sense of wellbeing!

This list could go on for ages, but try these few things as a start and see what happens!

How prepared are you to change your attitude?

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