A time for giving

Christmas is a time for giving, so why not think about what you can do to help others?

My husband and I sponsor two disadvantaged children. One is a teenage girl in Indonesia who we sponsor through World Vision. She was a little girl when we started sponsoring her, and now she is in her teens! She is a lovely girl who sends us messages of gratitude on a regular basis. It really makes me feel good that we are able to help her change her life for the better.

The other child we sponsor is in Australia and we pay into a scholarship fund for him. The money we pay goes towards his schooling, including uniforms, books, excursions or anything else a child needs to get through their day to day activities. The reason I decided to sponsor him was because after some research I realised that there were many kids out there who felt like outcasts because they couldn’t afford to go on school excursions, or they didn’t have a proper uniform to wear to school or the right equipment. Kids can be cruel, so I wondered how others were treating some of these children. I decided that if I was able to prevent one child having to deal with this, then for a tiny amount of money (I pay less than $1 per day), then it was worth it.

I feel great about doing this, and hope to have plenty more children sponsored by the end of 2008.

Have a great day!

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