A little act of kindness can go a long way…

A few weeks ago I was satisfying my Facebook addiction when I came across a link to a site that was all about celebrating kindness and wisdom.  Sounds nice, but what was it about?

What caught my eye was that they were talking about “paying it forward”.  You know, when you perform an act of kindness without any expectation of anything in return.

This site offers these little cards, which allow you to perform these little acts of kindness, in a very cool and fun way!  And this is how it works…

  1. Think of a kind act – Think up something nice to do for someone.  So you could pay for someone’s coffee, leave flowers on a colleague’s desk or send a card to a friend, telling them how wonderful they are.
  2. Act it out – Anonymously perform your little act of kindness.  Don’t let on it was you!
  3. Leave a Kindness Card – This card tells the person about your kind act and asks them to repeat the game with someone else.

Are you living in Australia and want to get your own FREE set of Kindness Cards?  Visit http://wakeupproject.com.au/ and they’ll post them to you!

If you’re not lucky enough to live in the world of Oz, why not make up a set of your own?  :)


  1. Hi. Im in an LDR for the first time in my life. Its a whirlwind rollarcoaster. But same as you somethimes im not sure whats going on. Ive read loads and worried loads but this is by far the most helpful blog ive read to date. Thanks for sharing it

    • Hi Kim

      LDR’s are rarely easy, and they don’t all last. But if you’re able to keep your focus on yourself and your life, making it the happiest it can be, no matter what the outcome, you’ll come out of it smiling. :)

      Michelle xxx

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