Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent


Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

This is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt and it’s pretty true!

Have you ever felt inferior? I know I have (a long time ago).

I also know that if you feel inferior to someone in particular, they are probably completely unaware of that fact. I’ve even had people tell me they feel inferior to ME!! That totally blows me away because I’m just like everyone else.

These days, I know that we are all like each other, although we all have different strengths and abilities that make us so unique.

We also have different personality types, so some are outgoing, while others are more introverted. None of these different qualities makes one better than the other – they just are.

If you accept that you have your own attributes that may be different to someone else, but that’s ok, then you are going to go through life a much happier, more confident person.

You will also live a much happier, fulfilling life.

Which way would you rather be?

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