Improve your Self Esteem, Change Your Life – Part 1

A person’s self esteem, how they view themself, what they think about themself, has a lot to do with the amount of success that person will achieve. 

A person who thinks they will amount to nothing is right.  A person who thinks they will succeed is also right.

How can that be?

Some might say it’s all about the Law of Attraction.  What you think about you will attract, and I really believe this to be true.  Others who may not believe in the Law of Attraction might think having a high self esteem means a person will get out more, try new things and to commit to success, hence their positive results.  On the other hand, a person with a low self esteem will more likely avoid putting themselves in situations where they need to jump out of their comfort zones, so will continue on as they are, getting nowhere.  I also believe this to be true.

Being a person who once suffered from low self esteem I can honestly say that I would have made much better choices early on (especially as a teen), if only I had thought better of myself.  I attracted bad situations, people who were not good for me, I felt so low and at times I even hated myself.  There were even times when I thought the world would be better off without me.  I am really grateful I was able to improve my self esteem to a level where I am now living a happy, fulfilling and successful life.  Continuing as I was could have been disasterous! 

So how did I improve my self esteem?

For me it was quite a long process.  Also, I am quite a proud person and I wasn’t about to tell anyone how horrible my life was, so I lived each day, hoping that it would eventually get better, but of course it got worse.

One day I realised that if I wanted to make my life better, then it was totally up to me.  Yes, I was afraid.  In fact, I was scared to death!  But I knew I had to do SOMETHING… 

My first major step towards improving my self esteem was ending my marriage after 9 years of verbal and emotional abuse.  I had contemplated doing this for several years before I actually built up the courage to do it, as I feared being on my own, and then of being a single mother (as I had a young daughter at the time).  The deal breaker was the thought that my daughter, after watching our interactions every day as she grew older, would think this kind of life was normal.  That thought really bothered me – what if she ended up as miserable as I was?  I would feel terrible, because I was supposed to be setting a good example for her and here I was living a nightmare.  Didn’t I owe it to her to be happy myself??

So I left.

I also made a promise to myself to NEVER, EVER let ANYONE treat me like that, EVER again…

More in my next post!

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