If you know you look good, you will FEEL good!

BlueWhile I’m not a big wearer of makeup, I do feel better about myself and more confident when I know I look good – and I don’t have to cake it on to do so!

A little bit of makeup that enhances your best features, is all you need to look and feel better as you go out and face the world.

This is all well and good, but I recently found out the hard way that there IS such a thing as good and bad cosmetics.

I purchased a set of eyeshadows, and I absolutely loved the colours – but I did NOT love the effect it had on my skin! For weeks upon weeks, I struggled to treat a bad case of eczema around my eyes. It made my eyes look wrinkly and scabby, and I felt really self conscious about it. It was really starting to bring me down, because it just wouldn’t go away.

I didn’t link this condition with my makeup, until I had some time off work and hadn’t worn it in a while – and it had miraculously cleared up!

But then I applied the makeup again one day, and the following day, I had another breakout.

So… I knew what was causing it, stopped using that makeup, and no more breakouts. Hmmm…..

Now I was looking for another brand of makeup that was preferably natural (the cheap, chemical-ridden variety was clearly not for me), and looked amazing. And of course I knew exactly where to get it, as I had already used this product before….

It was Younique.

I won’t talk too much about this today, however I will be putting together some video tutorials about how to apply this makeup (the Fiber Lashes are amazing!), as I used to avoid wearing makeup because I just didn’t know how to apply it. So stay tuned for that!

More on this product later – If you know you look good, you will FEEL good, and that’s what’s important. So I’m going to be talking a little bit about how to make this happen in the coming weeks. xxx

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