How to stop procrastinating

Have you ever had a goal and kept putting off taking action, making every excuse under the sun?

I’m guilty of that, and have been many times. It’s not that I don’t want to achieve my goal – I want to achieve my goals a LOT!

But I think that somewhere deep down inside I have had a fear. My fear has been that I will fail somehow, or that I won’t do very well.

Either way, putting off my goals like I have been only does more to create frustration and dissatisfaction in my life and that’s not how I want to live.

So how do I stop myself procrastinating? I tell myself I can do it and that I will do it and I just do it!

I consider the worst case scenario if I were to fail. If failing won’t cause the sky to literally fall in, then I really have no excuse for not going ahead, do I?

Everyone can make the time for something they really want – if they want it enough.

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