How to start the day happy

Believe it or not, whether you start the day happy or not, is purely based on choice.  You may choose to wake up happy – or you may choose not to wake up happy!

But how is it possible to choose to wake up happy when you’re rudely woken up by your alarm clock at 6am before a long and boring day at work?  You’d much rather have the option to sleep in, right?

Well here are a few tips to help you…

  1. Put a reminder beside your bed (probably in the vicinity of that nasty alarm clock) to think of what you are grateful for today.  You could be grateful for your comfy bed, that you have a roof over your head, for the birds chirping outside, or even for the electricity that powers that nasty alarm clock!
  2. Smile!  It’s impossible to feel miserable while you’re beaming!  Try it!  😀
  3. The night before you go to sleep, list a few things you can do the next day that you think are fun, or what you’re passionate about.  If you love to write poetry, be sure to set aside some time to write.  If you love exercise, mark out some time in your diary to go for a walk or a run.  If you haven’t seen a close friend in a while, arrange to meet him/her for lunch.  Remind yourself of these things when you wake up because you now have something positive to look forward to!
  4. Plan to do at least one teeny nice thing for yourself.  This could be something as simple as painting your toenails, to something a little more extravagant such as going out to buy some new shoes or a handbag, or even treating yourself to a manicure or facial.  Or you might even want to lock yourself away for a couple of hours to read in peace!
  5. If you’ve been good and you’ve written down your goals, review them now, visualising and feeling how wonderful it would be to achieve your goals!  Smile while you’re doing this!

Starting the day on a positive note does not have to be something that only other people are able to achieve.  By applying some or all of the options above, you will definitely begin to notice a huge difference in your feelings first thing in the morning, and you will be extremely surprised about how much this affects the rest of your day!  😉

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