How to overcome low confidence

I am yet to meet anyone who didn’t lack confidence at one time in their life.

We sometimes face challenges that are outside our comfort zones and it is completely normal to feel somewhat nervous, worried about how you will go, or even just a feeling of being out of your depth.

I found myself in exactly that situation last Tuesday when I was asked to MC an event in front of around 250 people.

What’s funny about this is that I secretly wanted to do this, but I found myself trying to get someone else to do it but I failed, and before long I was standing up on stage talking to a large group of people.

So how did I go?

I think we’re all more critical of ourselves than others are of us and I thought I talked too fast and didn’t say enough (very unlike me!).  But my colleagues all commented on how well I did, and I actually enjoyed it!

This is in stark contrast to a seminar I presented in front of around 40 people a few years back.  I was shaking so much that it was coming through in my voice.  It was a good ten minutes before I felt I could let go of the podium for fear I would fall over!

When you first start learning how to ride a bike, you’re a little unsure and a bit wobbly, but over time with practice it becomes second nature.  The same goes for anything.  Do it enough times and the fear and nervousness you felt at first will disappear.

Is there something you really, really want to do?  Why haven’t you done it yet?  Could it be because you’re still feeling that sense of fear?

Look at my example above and see how you can relate it to your situation…

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