How to get your spark back

Do you remember the days when you were excited about life? Do you remember having big dreams and feeling enthusiastic about creating the life you want? Did life feel like it had meaning? Is that feeling now gone?

Yeah me too…well it was the other day….

Yes, so the other day I realised that I had lost those feelings – I had lost my spark. And I wasn’t happy about it!

I lacked motivation, I didn’t want to do anything, I watched too much TV, I lacked enthusiasm, and I barely just functioned.

Once I realised I’d lost my spark, I started to think about how I would get it back. If I had it before, then surely I could get it back easily, right? But first I had to work out why it had gone in the first place.

So I did some thinking and when I finally worked out the answer, the tears welled up in my eyes.

Sadly, my only “excitement” each week was going to the gym! Not good, but it was certainly more fun than going to work and I felt good afterwards, but there’s more to my life than that! Well… there’s supposed to be!

Do you know why exactly I’d lost my spark?

I had absolutely nothing short term to look forward to (other than the gym!).

I had no short term goals. At all. Nothing!

I have plenty of long term goals, but none of them are broken down into “chunks”, so everything just looked so far away!

Ok, so now that I knew why I had lost my spark, I now needed to get it back!

And here’s the process I’m following right now:

1. I’ve started planning an overseas holiday
2. I am in the process of reviewing my long term goals and breaking them down into smaller, short term “chunks” or goals.
3. I have a “list of things to do before I die”. I’m reviewing that now to see if I can set a goal to achieve at least one of them in the short term.

I also have some study to finish, and I really need to set myself some targets to finish this soon! I finally feel that fire of excitement burning!

So there you have it! I’m already feeling a gazillion times better!

As I mention in my ebook, setting and achieving goals is essential for confidence and self esteem, and having a purpose is a big part of that.

If you decide to do this yourself, see if you can come up with one task per goal that you can complete every day to get you one step closer to achieving each goal. Please share your progress with me via the comments section below, or email me from the Contact page.

Good luck! :-)


  1. Eunia Amamo says:

    Wow! today i was able to unknowingly rekindle the Spark and enthusiasm in my life by simply setting a short term goal before going to bed. Indeed i woke up energetic and poised to accomplish my today ‘to do’ list. Thanks so much for this relevant tip,because it is these short term goals that finally determined our achievements…

  2. Yay Eunia! Yes, I find that having short term goals is essential because it keeps me motivated and enthusiastic!

    Thank you for sharing your experience! :-)

  3. Minty Kazza says:

    Thank you so much, it sounds so good to hear someone else going through the same things as me. But sometimes it’s just a little hard of thinking of things to do when you have no motivation :/ Thanks anyway, this was a real eye opener :)

  4. Minty Kazza, yep you’d be amazed to know how many others go through this – and many at various times of their lives.

    And yes it’s often very hard to think of things to do when you have no motivation whatsoever.

    So I suggest you think about something you’ve always wanted to do. Something that makes your heart sing, even though you have no idea how you could ever do it.

    And then think about what tiny little thing you can do today that will get you even a teeny little step closer to achieving that goal. Doesn’t matter how small, just write it down, then just do it!

    I hope that helps. :)

  5. Extermely helpful.Now I came to know where am I lost?

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