How to be a positive thinker

Thinking positive is definitely a good way to improve your confidence and self esteem – especially when those positive thoughts are directed at you!

There is a saying that says “If you’re told a lie often enough, you will eventually start to believe it”. This is what affirmations does. With repetition, they “trick” your subconscious into believing they are true.

Some people struggle to think positively, so here are a couple of ideas to help you:

1. Write positive affirmations about what you want or who you want to be. Write them positively and in the present tense. For example, “I am a positive, confident person who attracts like-minded people on a daily basis…”.

Of course you can have as many affirmations as you like – this is just to get you started.

2. Positive thinking audios – Put on your CD player or listen to positive things as you head off to work with your iPod and be inspired!

3. Repeat positive affirmations in your head throughout the day, whenever you think of them.

4. Pick one affirmation a day and write it in your diary or wherever you will see it often. Whenever you see the affirmation, repeat it in your head 10 times.

Try this for a week and see what a difference it makes to your outlook on life. Do you feel better able to achieve your goals? Do you feel more positive?

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  1. Positive thinking is so important. In fact, out of your list, listening to motivational tapes has been a great tool for me. I listen to Jack Canfield and even 20 minutes got me very focused.

    Great post

  2. Michelle Green says:

    Thanks for your comment Tom!

    Listening to motivational tapes is sooo much better than listening to the depressing news stories on the radio, that’s for sure! It’s amazing how different you feel when you focus on the good in the world rather than the bad.

  3. im not a positive thinker.. specially when it comes to my bf… i feel that his cheating and lying but its only in my mind… i am trying to avoid it but at times when his not around i think of it again… is there a problem with me?.. what do u think can i do?..



    • Hello Ara

      Firstly, there is nothing “wrong” with you. In fact, you’re probably like millions of other people all over the world who worry about their partners cheating or lying to them.

      There is a saying that goes “You attract what you think about”. This is not to say that your bf is going to go out tomorrow and cheat, just because you were thinking about him doing it. But it’s more about the non-verbal signals you are putting out.

      Over time, he will begin to sense your lack of trust. If you have not said anything to him about these feelings, it doesn’t matter. The message will get through and eventually you will push him away and therefore attract what you were so worried about!

      So what can you do?

      Firstly you must understand that there is no 100% guaranteed way to prevent somebody cheating on you, so worrying about it happening is doing you no good whatsoever!

      Next, it is time to listen to your heart. If he has given you absolutely no reason to mistrust him, then maybe he is worthy of your trust?

      Whenever you begin to think these negative thoughts about him in this case, replace them with positive thoughts about him. Think about how good he is to you, how well he treats you, and all of the good things you have together. Over time, you will begin to “train” your mind to think positively instead of negatively.

      On the other hand, if he has deceived you before, then it might be time to evaluate whether you are in a relationship with somebody who deserves you?

      I hope this has helped?!


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