How to attract the right partner

I am a strong believer that the better your mindset and self esteem, the better quality of partner you will attract in your life.

For example, when I met my first husband, I was not in a good place emotionally. I had low self esteem, and I was really just happy I found someone who was prepared to “put up” with me. Sad huh?

My first husband had very low self esteem himself, and it was only after nine years of verbal and emotional abuse that I finally built up enough courage to leave.

Fast forward to the day I met my current husband, and the person I had become, and you would be completely amazed at the difference!

I was a lot more confident, I felt good about myself, I was happy, and I was not going to settle for just “anyone”. My man had to meet certain criteria and I was not afraid to say “bye bye” to anyone who didn’t.

I now have a wonderful, caring and loving husband who has his faults (who doesn’t?), but is prepared to admit he has them and does what he can to rectify them. He is a wonderful and loving father and step father and I am so happy I have him.

I suppose I attracted the type of man I thought I deserved. From my own experience, the second time around, I found I was only attracted to confident men, whereas over ten years prior, that wasn’t even in the equation.

I can definitely say the quality of men I met after leaving my first husband were a LOT higher than the quality I encountered up to and including my first husband. Interesting.

So how do you attract the right partner?

The first thing is to sort yourself out. Get your mindset right. Learn to love yourself! How can somebody else love you if you don’t even love yourself?

I have my faults, and there are plenty of things I would change if I could – but I can’t, so I have to learn to live with them regardless! What’s the point of focusing on what you cannot control? I consider that a huge waste of energy.

So focus on what you DO like about yourself. Think positive thoughts about yourself. Hold your head up high, and smile!

Write down what you would like in a partner. What qualities must they have? Now that you know what you want, you can be on the lookout for someone who meets those qualities. You will find that people who fit your criteria will begin to cross paths with you – it is truly amazing!

I had a list of essential and non-essential qualities, that included must love kids (essential), and must have an interesting job (non-essential), for example.

So what do you want? If you were that person, would you be attracted to you? Why/Why not?

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