How one little action can change your life

I’ve had the best weekend ever and I had to share it with you, because it explains how the power of one little confident action can completely change the direction of your life.

I will start in 2006 when I attended an internet marketing seminar.  While looking around the audience I noticed someone who looked familiar.

That person was Nik Halik.  I was planning to do one of his stock market courses and recognised him from his website.

I was at this seminar with my brother and told him who I had recognised.  My brother told me to go and introduce myself but I said "Nah, he will think I’m an idiot!".  So during the following break I walked up to Nik and said "Hi!  I’m Michelle and I’m going to be doing your course soon!".

To my surprise he was really lovely, and introduced my brother and I to his sister Victoria and their friends.  During the breaks we chatted and got to know each other a little better and discussed an upcoming event that Nik was presenting at.  I was thrilled that they were so friendly and down to earth – I was definitely going to do Nik’s course now!

Later that month Nik presented at another event which I attended with my parents.  It was at this event Victoria asked me if I would be interested in working with them at some upcoming events they were going to be holding in the next few months.  Of course I jumped at the chance – hanging out with the Haliks was fun!

I worked at two of their wealth creation events that year and had the best time ever!  All of the presenters were successful in their chosen field and presented on their strategy for success.  Hanging out with successful people really boosted my energy – and they were so inspirational too.

Working at these events (as a volunteer) became a regular event for me – I had a fantastic time, especially hanging out with the various presenters who I got to know quite well.  I was even offered the opportunity to be coached by one of the presenters in return for helping him out with his local clients!

That’s exciting, but even more exciting was the most recent event, Cashflow Brisbane.  I was offered the opportunity to work with one of the presenters on a paid basis, helping them with their websites, assisting at their various events and speaking at their workshops!   I am sooo excited! 

This is an amazing opportunity and I am really excited about the fact that I will be working with people who inspire me.  This can only help me to grow even more.

And it all started with an introduction that I was confident enough to go through with….!

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